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Jackie Ganter's 'Fight Song'

Rachel Platten, if you’re reading this please consider this your official thank you. Jackie Ganter dreamed of being the WPRA Barrel Racing Rookie of the Year, but sometimes you have to "fight" your way to the top (excuse my pun). That's exactly what Ganter did in the 2015 season, and she did it with a little help from a 3 1/2 minute tune.

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My 10 favorite quotes from the January issue of Barrel Horse News

By: Kailey Sullins, Associate Editor, Barrel Horse News

We’ve all been victims of the Internet’s clutch on our lives. It takes hold of us, sucks us in and doesn’t let go.  I’m guilty and you’re guilty, let’s just admit it and move on. What’s one of the biggest Internet addictions I’ve been caught up in?  Well, let’s just say I’m a bit of a “Pinoholic”. Specifically, I have an entire Pin board dedicated to inspirational quotes, funny quotes, quotes from books, quotes from athletes, and even quotes that don’t make any sense. You see them everywhere - all the time; on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and I’m willing to bet you’ve even been guilty of taking a screenshot and texting one to a friend. Embrace it! Personally, I would rather see a thousand positive quotes out there than all the negative comments that can unfortunately fill social media. So, in the spirit of embracing the trend, and my addiction to quotes I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite quotes from our January issue of Barrel Horse News.

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Hauling Tips for Life on the Road

Part of being a barrel racer is being on the road traveling to and from your competitions. R.E. and I have done a lot of hauling in our careers, and when I arrived at a rodeo, NBHA or AQHA event, or any competition, I wanted the healthiest, happiest, most competitive horse there. The following is a list of tips I hope you find useful when you hit the road.

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