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Throwback: Old Fort Days Makes History

It wasn’t the first time an Old Fort Days Futurity Champion had won both the time trials and the finals. And it wasn’t even the first time a rider east of the Mississippi had taken home the coveted Futurity Championship. But it was the first time any rider had ever earned more than $100,000 at a single barrel race.

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2016 Barn, Arena & Farm Equipment Guide

Managing your equine property is an important aspect of taking care of your equine athlete. When it comes to maintaining your barn or arena, some level of investment will be required. Barrel Horse News has partnered with some of the most trusted names in the industry to bring you highlights, and new equipment designed to make your life a little easier and your equine partner safe and happy. Browse our Barn, Arena and Farm Equipment Guide for tools to help save you time, make better use of your money and protect your property and your horse.

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Top 10 Favorite Quotes from April’s BHN

April has come and gone and May is crowding in to fill the space. Before we plunge too far into blooming flowers, futurity season, and full on rodeo weather, let’s take a few minutes to reflect on the best from April’s issue.

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Keeping Racehorse Feed “On Track”

What's new in feeding today's superstar racehorses and the champions of the future? In a sense, nothing and everything. While the basic nutritional needs of these elite equine athletes haven't changed, attention to the form in which their daily ration is provided and the level of specific nutrients in their diets has become far more critical. As faster records are set on the racetrack and expectations for heightened performance increase, so do the demands on the horse's system. More horses are sidelined by injuries caused by fatigue or a skeletal system that is not strong enough to perform its "job."

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Breaking into rodeo

By Abigail Boatwright

These three rodeo competitors shared advice for getting into the rodeo arena in the July issue of Barrel Horse News. Here's some keys to success that are important to them.

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