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Throwback: Kid's Stuff

Jyme Beth Cochrane's advice from the June 2007 Barrel Horse News can still lend a helping hand to those young aspiring barrel racers. Learn about five pitfalls commonly encountered by youth barrel racers and what Cochrane teaches in order to overcome them.

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What Happens in Vegas...

Barrel racer and professional photographer, Debora Mann, lends us a first hand view into her trip to the 2016 Professional’s Choice NBHA Las Vegas Super Show. The event held a few surprises for Mann, but she was still able to enjoy the event despite an admittedly unfortunate upset.

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Top 10 Quotes from June's BHN

It seems selecting these 10 quotes gets just a little bit harder each month, because every feature, event coverage and column has something special worth noting. But, only 10 can make the list each month, so here’s my top 10 favorite quotes from June’s issue of Barrel Horse News.

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That Darned Achilles’ Heel

By Kathy Korell-Rach, Ph.D.

Anyone smart competitor recognizes that they have certain strengths and weaknesses. While it appears to be common sense to target problem areas so we can minimize their impact, many do not do this effectively. Often, we devote a great deal of attention to our problem areas, particularly if we are experiencing a slump. Of course, we do this in order to get rid of the glitch that is keeping us away from the pay window. However, getting stuck in a pattern of focusing primarily on weaknesses will likely have a negative impact on our actual performances.

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Throwback: Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little SecretsHave the tricks of the trade changed much in the past six years? Published in June 2010, ground crew veteran and barrel race producer, Chuck Dunn, reveals the steps you take to achieve excellent footing in your personal arena.

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