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Must-Haves with Terlip, Daniels and Parker

It’s not only adults who haul down the road and have their favorite ‘Must-Haves’ in the trailer. This blog  is dedicated to three youth riders who stand out in and out of the arena. We caught up with Dally Parker, Kylar Terlip, and Karsyn Daniels to see what they can’t haul without. 

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Common Stifle Problems in the Performance Horse

The stifle is the largest joint in the horse and is very complex. As you would with any lameness, evaluation of the stifle begins with observation and palpation of the joint followed by an extensive moving examination. There are many structures in the stifle that can become injured ranging from the bone itself, cartilage, and the surrounding soft tissue structures. We will briefly touch on a few of the most common stifle problems that affect performance horses. These include: OCD (osteochondritis dissecans), upward fixation of the patella, and meniscal injuries.

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