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Hall of Fame History

On August 5, 2017, the ladies of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association were, for the first time in history, welcomed onto the ProRodeo Hall of Fame’s hallowed stage in Colorado Sp rings, Colorado. Three WPRA icons joined the class of 12 inductees—Wanda Harper Bush, Charmayne James and a joint PRCA/WPRA equine inductee—Sherry Johnson’s Star Plaudit.

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Turning the Corner

Many times, getting help from someone who actually knows what they’re doing is just what you need to go from plunking around to progressing forward with a young horse.

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Guidelines for Horses Exposed to Wildfire Smoke

The severe fires throughout California over the past three months have exposed humans and animals to unhealthy air containing wildfire smoke and particulates. These particulates can build up in the respiratory system, causing a number of health problems including burning eyes, runny noses and illnesses such as bronchitis.

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