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Finding Hope

I almost cried in my trailer last night. It wouldn’t be the first time; I’ve actually hung an extra towel in there in case the floodgates open. Over the last several years, frustration, depression, and embarrassment have all found an outlet in that tiny tack room.

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Feet on the Ground

Good footing is crucial, but achieving a safe, fast surface for barrel competitions can be a challenge. Learn the nitty-gritty basics here.

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Conditioning for Soundness

One of the most important things we can do to prevent sports-related injuries in our horses is to keep them properly conditioned. For barrel racing, that’s conditioned for four sprints and three turns in varying ground conditions. While long trotting or even loping around the pasture is great for overall physical and mental conditioning, it doesn’t prepare a barrel horse’s muscles and soft tissue for the demands of the sport.

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