The Cream of the Crop

It all comes down to this, the culmination of the futurity and derby year for the youngest generations of barrel horses. Of the hundreds of runs made in Oklahoma City’s Jim Norick Coliseum over the course of the week, 50 futurity horses, 10 futurity amateur riders, 20 derby horses, and five derby amateur riders made it back to Saturday’s finals of the Barrel Futurities of America World Championships show. The running order and fastest qualifying times are as follows:



2012 BFA Futurity Top 10 Amateur Short Go Draw:
1. Okey Separation/Kinsley Swepston/Kinsley Swepston/16.183
2. BB Boogyingfrenchman/Terry Vogel/Lee Alan and Terry Vogel/16.140
3. Famous Sophie/Claire Powell/Claire Powell/16.004
4. Special Roco Fly/Marie Claude Bergeron/Marie Claude Bergeron/16.262
5. Harley Chick/Darren Couch/Darren and Kim Couch/16.300
6. Nita Ya Money/Davie Marie King/Davie Marie King/16.103
7. Katerina/Debbie McCormick/Debbie McCormick/16.176
8. Livfierynflithappens/Heather Castle/Heather Castle/16.153
9. Bit Of Flame An Fire/Maggie Upton/Maggie Upton/16.046
10. Playboys Blue Boon/Samantha Hebert/Samantha and Budge Hebert/16.143

2012 BFA Futurity Top 50 Finalist Draw:
1. LLP Easy Azure/Kelley Fritchey/Kelly Fritchey/15.822
2. Its Complicated/Amy Schimke/Julie Crews/15.661
3. Epic Leader/Kassie Mowry/Kassie Mowry and Karma Loftin/15.034
4. Bobbie Gene/Latricia Duke/Schiller Ranch/15.585
5. Quick Money Star/Arianne Charbonneau/Arianne Charbonneau/15.645
6. SFW Frost Ta Fame/Pete Oen/Pete Oen/15.571
7. Cool Ta Fame/Amy Laymon/Harry LaToush/15.591
8. Smashing Ta Fame/Troy Crumrine/James "Scoop" O'Connor/15.576
9. Cartels Fame/Sharin Hall/Christian Chaney/15.297
10. Sheza Frenchman Guy/Danyelle Campbell/Kyle and Kris Gadbois/15.724
11. I Know I Can 2/PJ Burger/Veale Ranches LLC/15.540
12. KN Fabs Mist Of Fame/Jolene Montgomery/Robin Weaver/15.442
13. Natives Oakie Rose/Add Waddell/Dianne B Hay/15.649
14. Im So Sharp/Curt Hagey/Curt Hagey/15.786
15. Sparkling Ta Fame/Tara Timms/Tara Timms/15.577
16. Sheza French Cash/Janae Massey/Jud Little/15.619
17. Hip E/Shae Franklin/Bo Hill and/or Jeff Switzer/15.842
18. Shes Free To Flame/Savannah Reeves/Jan Boultinghouse and Savannah Reeves/15.624
19. Miss JB 0842/Kassie Mowry/Joe and Dee Lynn Braman/15.295
20. Tkayleesblushingbug/Marne Loosenort/Donnie and Diane Reece/15.650
21. SV Pass Em Fire/Emile Veillette/Sophie Longpre/15.583
22. Short Lane To Fame/PJ Burger/Ridgeview Farm/15.637
23. Purrfect Choice/Louis Paradis/Louis Paradis/15.457
24. The Riverboat Gambler/Talmadge Green/Sumrall and Green/15.378
25. Ainteasybeingfamous/Randa Kellogg/RSL Enterprises/15.850
26. Kan Count On Fame/Reann Zancanella/Pride Farms/15.618
27. VF A Classy Design/Pete Oen/Darren and Kim Couch/15.643
28. The Country Corona/Leslie Willis/Leslie and Jason Willis/15.881
29. No Memories Aloud/Peggy Hall/Sissy Novak/15.799
30. River Woods/Cassie Ward/Youree-Ward Barrel Horses/15.798
31. JSYK IM Famous/Courtney Roberts/Courtney Roberts/15.606
32. Guys Smashinly Yours/Jordon Briggs/Jordon Briggs/15.836
33. Jet O Red/Nicole Love/Darrel Felts/15.494
34. Master The Wagon/Colette Flaharty/Colette and Troy Flaharty/15.736
35. Costly Crystal/Troy Crumrine/Matt and Bendi Dunn/15.664
36. Just My Choice/Molly Childers/Molly and Jason Childers/15.398
37. RLJ High Intedsity/Brett Monroe/Homer Beasley/15.207
38. Kellies Chick/Cody Hyde/Kelly Conrado/15.788
39. LK Watch Me Rock/Latricia Duke/LeAnn Kay and Amanda Kay/15.690
40. Holland Guy/Ryann Pedone/Ryann Pedone/15.812
41. Famous Pawn Star/Danyelle Campbell/Shelly Mull/15.868
42. Uknounvme/Brian Wheeler/Stephanie Wheeler/15.776
43. LS Corona Winsalot/Jolene Montgomery/Kennedy's Passion/15.563
44. Spade Remedy/Ryan Ivy/Joan Morgan/15.739
45. Famous Charm/Michelle Alley/Dave and Lori Zabel/15.694
46. Power Fame/Pete Oen/Pete Oen/15.770
47. Dashing French Lady/Valerie Watson/Connie and Bruce Vansickle/15.780
48. Miss JB 0820/Kassie Mowry/Joe and Dee Lynn Braman/15.753
49. Three And Out/Amy Schimke/Amy Schimke/15.838
50. Famous Hank/Jolyane Gagnon-Vallee'/Dawn and Bill Superneau/15.875

2012 BFA Derby Top 5 Amateur Short Go Draw:
1. BB French Fooledya/Cindy Smack/15.923
2. Perkslivingthedream/Joni McKim/16.075
3. Playboys Turbo Diesel/Amanda Clark/15.914
4. Seis So Sweet/Valerie Watson/15.811
5. Confederate Pepper/Shannon Stevenson/16.078

2012 BFA Derby Top 20 Finalist Draw:
1. Panamas Fast As U/Brandon Cullins/15.627
2. Carolina Fame/Tanner Shelton/15.664
3. Blitz Ta Fame/Ryann Pedone/15.636
4. Danita Design/Peyton Glenn/15.349
5. Shake It Frenchie/Jordon Briggs/15.631
6. French Streaktovegas/Hallie Melvin/15.560
7. Miss Gold Promise/Stormi Henry/15.666
8. Regal He Is/Lauren Crivier/15.669
9. Missjbrunningwithfire/Kassie Mowry/15.506
10. Flits Flyin Flight/Kebo Almond/15.691
11. VF Fames Lil Red/Darla Taylor/15.608
12. Dazzling Doris/Nicole Kurty/15.614
13. VF Firin Red/Alessandra Anton/15.538
14. Mercy N Grace/Loni Kay Lester/15.682
15. Richard Carl/Shannon Tidwell/15.614
16. Kiss This Guy/Ryann Pedone/15.583
17. All Fame No Bull/Pete Oen/15.581
18. Susie Has A Penny/Sidney Lee Foorest/15.657
19. Fortune N Fame/Lance Graves/15.549
20. SA Baxter/Jana Bean/15.633