Florida Cowgirl Overcomes Injury, Competes at IFYR

Florida cowgirl Britta Strain overcame injury to better her rodeo aspirations and competes this year in the World’s Richest Youth Rodeo in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Article By Siri Stevens, provided courtesy IFYR  ------  Photos courtesy of Siri Stevens, Rodeo News

Britta Strain 1Britta Strain competes in four events: breakaway roping, pole bending, barrel racing and goat tying. Photo courtesy Siri Stevens, Rodeo News

Britta Strain from Davie, Florida, has been coming to the International Finals Youth Rodeo for the past three years. She competes in pole bending, barrel racing, breakaway roping and goat tying.

“I love this rodeo,” said the 18-year-old, who is the only one in her school (Pine Crest – a uniformed private school) that competes in rodeo.

Most of her friends go to the beaches at Ft. Lauderdale when they have some time. Britta goes to the roping pen or the track. She is also a two-time Florida State Champion hurdler.

She started track the same time as she started riding horses – in 5th grade. She started with English and jumping and faded into rodeo.

“Greg Clair is who taught me how to rope, his brother, a PRCA roper, is who I bought my first calf horse. If it hadn’t been for Greg I would have never gotten into this.”

She went through the junior high and high school ranks, competing in goat tying, breakaway roping and barrel racing. Her abilities took her to the 2015 Reserve All Around Championship at the National Junior High Finals in Des Moines. She is also a two-time Joe Beaver champion as well as All Around state champion.

In 2016, Britta was competing at the Best of the Best in Gallup, New Mexico.

“I came into the short round in the goats and had a good shot at winning, I was going a lot faster than I should have and tore my quad off the bone.”

It took almost a year to heal from that and she claims it was the most painful thing she has ever gone through.

“This year I wanted to come back and win it.” And she did. “I got a new breakaway horse from Jason Hanchey, Shane Hanchey’s brother, two weeks before Best of the Best and won off her.”

She left Florida the middle of June to head to the Best of the Best, stopping in Decatur (19 hours) and then driving the additional 13 hours to Gallup. She went back to Decatur and headed to Shawnee.

“I couldn’t do any of this without my dad (Richard). He brings me everywhere.”

He is an orthopedic surgeon, who hauls his only daughter everywhere. Her mom, Elizabeth, is a flight attendant for American Airlines.

“When I graduate he says he’s going to buy a donkey because they are as annoying as me.”

Britta has one more year of high school and plans to go to college at Texas A&M or Sam Houston, heading to becoming a veterinarian. Until then, she will rope and study. She pays all her own entry fees and all the fees that go with a rodeo, from hookups to stall fees.

“If I don’t win, I don’t enter.”

IFYR Kicks Off Sunday - Results after Performance 2 of Go 1

The International Finals Youth Rodeo commenced its 26th year Sunday, July 8, at the Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The IFYR is the richest youth rodeo in the world, with more than $250,000 in prize money, championship saddles and buckles for contestants to pursue. In the first performance of the first go-round Sadie Wolaver started off the barrel racing with a time of 16.848 taking the lead in the first round, however slipped to fourth after the second performance of the first go saw Jillian Carter on top of the field with a 16.594. The first round of the barrel racing will continue Tuesday, July 10 with a morning and evening performance. The first go-round will conclude Tuesday evening.

The pole bending started off with Emma Smith taking the lead early in the first performance of the first round with a time of 20.248 and she holds onto her lead going into Tuesday's performances.

Barrel Racing Results:

Top Five Results after Go 1 Performance 1:

place, name, hometown, time

1) Sadie Wolaver / Fayetteville, TN / 16.848

2) Steely Steiner / Blanco, TX / 16.874

3) Kaylee Scales . Blanchard, OK / 17.092

4) Millie Frey / Eunice, LA / 17.128

5) Kylie Taylor Munson / Dublin, TX / 17.254

Top Five Results after Go 1 Performance 2: 

1) Jillian Carter / Benton, LA / 16.594

2) Kiley Salchow / Mayer, MN / 16.672

3) Logan Westmoreland / Rocheport, MO / 16.845

4) Sadie Wolaver / Fayetteville, TN / 16.848

5) Izzy Bucsko / Woodbury, MN / 16.865

Pole Bending Results:

Top Five Results after Go 1 Performance 1:

place, name, hometown, time

1) Emma Smith / Pleasanton, TX / 20.248

2) Traci Nelson / Wildwood, FL / 20.451

3) Kylee Scribner / Azle, TX / 20.644

4) Jillian Carter / Benton, LA / 20.956

5) Aly Ghormley / Madisonville, TX / 21.189

Top Five Results after Go 1 Performance 2:

1) Emma Smith / Pleasanton, TX / 20.248

2) Brooklyn Gunter / Sulphur, LA / 20.354

3) Traci Nelson / Wildwood, FL / 20.451

4) Kylee Scribner / Azle, TX / 20.644

5) Cashen Turner / Edmond, OK / 20.779

For full results from the first performances of the first go round visit: IFYR Results  

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